Swift Departure
Flight of the Stormcaller#12 (x1)
1A-B (8)

Corsairs led by the treacherous Captain Sahír have stolen the black key you recovered in the ruins of Númenor. You must get it back!

Setup: Prepare the Corsair deck. Players prepare their fleet. Prepare the Stormcaller's area with a second quest deck consisting of only stages 2C, 3C, and 4C, as well as the Stormcaller (see insert). Search the encounter deck for 1 copy of Rolling Seas, and add it to the staging area (2 copies instead if there are 3 or more players in the game). Shuffle the encounter deck.

The Stormcaller has a considerable lead on your fleet, but with good fortune and skilled sailing, perhaps you can catch up to it.


Forced: At the end of the quest phase, if you are off-course (, , or ), move 2 progress from Swift Departure to the Stormcaller's quest stage.