Temple of the Deceived Nightmare
Temple of the Deceived Nightmare #1 (x1)

You are playing Nightmare mode.

Forced: When preparing the Island Map, instead of the normal map placement, create the first three leftmost columns using the nine “Lost Island” cards, then create two middle columns using the siz new “Edge of the Temple” cards, and finally one rightmost column using the three “Temple of the Deceived” cards.

Forced: After the active location is explored, discard all player cards attached to that location.

Begin with the standard quest deck and encounter deck for the Temple of the Deceived scenario.

Remove the following cards, in the specified quantities, from the standard encounter deck:

  • 1x Jungle Path
  • 2x Cursed Temple
  • 1x Deeper into the Ruins
  • 3x Sunken Ruins
  • 2x Aimless Wandering
  • 2x Curse of the Downfallen
  • 1x Dwindling Supplies
  • 3x Faithless Desecrator

Then shuffle the encounter cards in this Nightmare Deck into the remainder of the standard Temple of the Deceived encounter deck.

Finally, flip this setup card over and place it next to the quest deck. Its effect remains active throughout the game, which is now ready to begin.