The Burglar's Turn
Wrath and Ruin #24 (x1)

You cannot include attachments in your deck.

Setup: Choose 14 different Item or Artifact attachments from your collection and shuffle them together. This is your loot deck. Flip this card over and place your loot deck facedown under it.

"And I assure you there is a mark on this door – the usual one in the trade, or used to be. Burglar wants a good job, plenty of Excitement and reasonably Reward, that's how it is usually read.
–Glóin, The Hobbit

The active location gets +1 quest point for each attachment attached to it.

Forced: After you travel to a location, attach the top card of your loot deck faceup to that location as a guarded objective. If that attachment has the guarded X keyword, ignore it.

Forced: When the active location is explored, you may put each guarded attachment on that location into play at no cost, or add it to your hand.