The Catacombs of Carn Dûm
The Dread Realm#150 (x1)
1A-B (18)

As you descend into the catacombs beneath Carn Dûm, you find yourself overcome with terror. Still, you press onward, knowing that Iârion's fate–and perhaps the fate of the north–lies in your hand.

Setup: Set Daechanar and Altar of Midwinter aside, out of play. Each player reveals an encounter card from the top of the encounter deck. Each player reanimates the top card of his deck.

Daechanar's powers of sorcery and necromancy are strongest here, in the capital of the Witch–realm where the lord of the Nazgûl once resided.

Reanimated Dead are Undead enemies with 2 , 2 , 2 and 2 hit points.

When the players advance to stage 2, all Sorcery cards attached to this stage are attached to stage 2B.