3A-B (-)
When Revealed: Set Goblin Chieftain aside, out of play. Add Cracked Pillar to the staging area.

The Goblins retreat down a dark tunnel, and you chase them into a large hall of many pillars. A wide chasm runs the width of the hall and the Goblins race across on a large plank. Their chieftain casts the plan into the depths of the chasm and disappeats, leaving you stranded on the other side.
Forced: Reveal an additional encounter card during the quest phase.

Progress cannot be placed on Cracked Pillar while it is in the staging area.

After Cracked Pillar leaves play as an explored location, advance to stage 4A.

As you search for a way across, you see that one tall pillar near the edge of the chasm has cracked where it meets the ceiling. If you topple the pillar, it could serve to bridge the gap.
Illus. Stanislav Dikolenko
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