The Company Divided
The Road Darkens#62 (x1)
2A-B (-)
When Revealed: Remove the Ring-bearer , and each card attached to it, from the game (treat The One Ring's text as blank while resolving this effect). Reduce each enemy's engagement cost to 0 until the end of the encounter phase. Skip the travel phase this round.

The river has carried the Company as far as it can and the time has come for Frodo to choose which way to go. He asks for an hour to decide, but after he disappears Orcs are discovered prowling the woods and the Company scatters to find him...

Forced: At the end of the refresh phase, shuffle Seat of Seeing and Forod's Choice into the encounter discard pile. Then, place the encounter discard pile on the bottom of the encounter deck. Starting with the first player, each player creates his own staging area and advances to a different stage 3A of his choice. In player order, each player moves 1 encounter card from this staging area to his. When there are no encounter cards left at this stage, discard it.