The Ford of Harnen
Race Across Harad#50 (x1)
4A-B (20)
When Revealed: Add River Harnen to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck and discard cards from the top until an Orc enemy is discarded. Add that enemy to the Orc's area.

You can see the river on the horizon. Your pursuers won't dare to cross the water where it's deep, but the large Mumakil can manage easily. If only you can reach the river in time...
Forced: After characters are committed to quest, no more than 5 progress can be placed here this round (10 progress instead if each Tamed Mumak in play is committed to the quest).

Forced: After an enemy attacks and destroys a character, place 1 progress on the Orc's stage.

If you defeat this stage, you have escaped the Orcs and win the game.