The Gates of Moria
The Road Darkens#23 (x1)
4A-B (-)
When Revealed: Make Doors of Durin the active location. Add Watcher in the Water to the staging area. Discard all tokens from the Ring-bearer and place it (and each card attached to it) facedown under Watcher in the Water.

Pursued by evil Wargs and foul weather, the Company of the Ring decides to enter the Mines of Moria. But as they seek the hidden gate, a foul creature seizes the Ring-bearer with one of its many groping arms...

There can be 2 active locations. During the travel phase, the players must travel to a location, if able.

Forced: After an enemy engages a player, place 1 damage on each active location.

If Doors of Durin is explored, the players win the game.

The Fellowship is being hunted by Wargs!