The Gathering of the Clouds
The Hobbit: On the Doorstep#75 (x1)
1A-B (-)
Setup: Search the encounter deck for Bolg and add it to the staging area. Then, shuffle the encounter deck and reveal 1 encounter card per player.

"Dread has come upon you all! Alas! It has come more swiftly than I guessed. The Goblins are upon you! Bolg of the North is coming. O Dain! whose father you slew in Moria. Beehold! the bats are above his army like a sea of locusts. They ride upon wolves and Wargs are in their train!" - Gandalf, The Hobbit

When Revealed: Put stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4 into play at the same time. Then remove this stage from play.

Ever since the fall of the Great Goblin of the Misty Mountains the hatred of their race for the dwarves had been rekindled to fury. Messengers had passed to and from between all their cities, colonies and strongholds; for they resolved now to win the dominion of the north. –The Hobbit