The Great River
The Road Darkens#61 (x1)
1A-B (12)
Setup: Set Frodo's Choice, Seat of Seeing, and Parth Galen aside, out of play. Add The Argonath and Sarn Gebir to the staging area.

Having barely escaped from Moria, the Company of the Ring flees into the forest of Lórien where they are welcomed by the Elves of the Golden Wood and supplied with boats and other gifts by their Lord and Lady, Celeborn and Galadriel. Then, after a brief rest, they set out upon the River Anduin.

Enemies get +2 and cannot be engaged. Skip the encounter phase.

The players cannot advance while The Argonath is in play.

So the Company went on their long way, down the wide hurrying waters, borne ever southwards. Bare woods stalked along either bank, and they could not see any glimpse of the lands behind. –The Fellowship of the Ring