The Leaping Fish
Heirs of Númenor#65 (x1)
1A-B (6)

The White Council has sent you by ship to Gondor to help fight the threat of Mordor. Upon arrival in the port city of Pelargir, you are greeted by Lord Alcaron who takes you to The Leaping Fish where you can speak privately.

Setup: Search the encounter deck for The Leaping Fish and Alcaron’s Scroll. Make The Leaping Fish the active location and attach Alcaron's Scroll to a hero.

Inside the tavern, Lord Alcaron looks nervously toward the door as he hands you a scroll bearing the seal of Gondor. He asks that you deliver it to Faramir in Ithilen, but the brigands who just entered look intent on taking it from you

Battle. (Characters use their instead of when questing.)

When Revealed: Each player must search the encounter deck for a copy of Harbor Thug and add it to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck.