The Long Dark of Moria
The Road Darkens#40 (x1)
1A-B (14)
Setup: Set The Balrog, The Great Bridge, and Chamber of Mazarbul aside out of play. Add Doom , Doom , Doom to the staging area and place 10 damage tokens on it. Each player adds 1 different location to the staging area.

Trapped inside the Mines of Moria, the Company of the Ring must find their way through many twisting passages to reach the eastern door. But with every step they take into the Mines, there is a growing sense of dread...

Forced: After a player optionally engages an enemy, remove 1 damage from Doom Doom Doom.

There were not only many roads to choose from, there were also in many places holes and pitfalls, and dark wells beside the path in which their passing feet echoed. –The Fellowship of the Ring