The Mines of Belegost
The Ruins of Belegost#6 (x1)
3E-F (6)
When Revealed: Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck and reveal 1 encounter card per player.

The book you recovered explains how the Dwarves kept their treasure in secret vaults: each one marked by a stone guardian. As you explore the mines, you find what looks like a doorway blocked by the statue of a Dwarf sentry. One of the guard's eyes is a glittering gem, but the other socket is empty. Perhaps if you can find the missing gem you could open the hidden passageway...
During the travel phase, the players must travel to a location, if able.

Forced: After resolving the Discover keyword, if no Hazard card was revealed by that effect, reveal the top card of the encounter deck.

Forced: When this stage is defeated, if Blue Mountain Gem is attached to a hero advance to stage 4A. Otherwise, advance to stage 3A.