The Necromancer's Tower
The Tower of Sorcery
The Wizard's Quest#7 (x1)
3A-B (20)
When Revealed: The opposing team searches the top 5 cards of the encounter deck for a card with cost 2 or less (3 or less if there are two or more players), sets it aside, and shuffles the encounter deck. Reveal the set aside card. Its 'when revealed' effects cannot be canceled.

The dark form of Dol Guldur rises up ahead. The servants of the Enemy patrol the surrounding woods. You must take great care to gather what information you can and return with news to Rhosgobel before it's too late.
Forced: After the players have committed characters to the quest, discard cards from the top of the encounter deck until a treachery is discarded. Reveal that treachery.

If the players defeat this stage, they win the game.