The Seat of Morgoth
First Age#125 (x1)
Corruption When a character takes Corruption , place a progress token on it. If a character ever has Corruption greater than its willpower, it has become Corrupted. A Corrupted character loses the 'ally' or 'here' trait and gains the 'enemy' trait, immediately engaging the player that used to control it. The of the Corrupted character becomes its and its engagement cost is 0. Relentless An enemy with Relentless cannot have its attack canceled or be prevented from attacking by any player card effect.


During the travel phase, the players may choose an enemy in the staging area with the Sneak keyword to be the 'active enemy'. This follows the decision to travel. The active enemy no longer contributes its threat to the staging area. Players must still make engagement checks against it, however.

During quest resolution, progress tokens are placed first on the active enemy, then the active location, and finally on the quest stage. If a number of progress tokens equal to the active enemy's threat is placed on it, that enemy is discarded.

Whenever an amount of progress is placed on the active enemy, the first player must pass a Sneak test. The first player may discard any number of cards from their hand, adding up the costs of those cards. Then, the top card of the encounter deck is discarded. Compare the cost of the discarded player cards against the threat value of the discarded encounter card. If the cost is greater than or equal to the threat value, then the Sneak attempt passes. If the cost is less than the threat value, the the Sneak attempt fails. If a Sneak attempt fails, the active enemy immediately engages the first player. Progress that was placed on the active location or quest is not affected.

When engaged with an enemy with the Sneak keyword, players may cancel all progress and instead place an equivalent number of damage tokens on enemies with the Sneak keyword instead.