The Spider's Pass
The Land of Shadow #71 (x1)
2A-B (16)

Presently they were under the shadow, and there in the midst of it they saw the opening of a cave. "This is the way in," said Gollum softly. "This is the entrance to the tunnel." He did not speak its name: Torech Ungol, Shelob's Lair. -The Two Towers

When Revealed: Add Shelob to the staging area and shuffle all cards from The Great Spider encounter set and the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck.

Shelob cannot leave the staging area and Sméagol cannot attack or defend.

Each player cannot play, or put into play, more than 1 ally each round.

No more than 4 progress can be placed on this stage each round.

They had not gone more than a few yards when from behind them came a sound, startling and horrible in the heavy padded silence: a gurgling, bubbling noise, and a long venomous hiss. —The Two Towers