The Spiders' Hive
Beneath the Sands #78 (x1)
3A-B (5)

Your search has led you far underground, to a large cavern full of giant spider eggs. Along the walls, you see the cocooned bodies of your friends bound with many strands. At the center of the chamber is the enormous brood mother. She glares at you through many bulbous eyes and a poisonous froth bubbles from her fangs. You must find a way to defeat her in order to rescue your friends.

When Revealed: The first player adds Brood Mother to the staging area. Each other player reveals an encounter card. Flip the Search objective to Off Track.

While there are at least 5 progress tokens on this stage, Brood Mother loses the text: "Cannot take damage."

Forced: After the Search objective is flipped to Off Track, remove all progress tokens from this stage.

This stage cannot be defeated while Brood Mother is in play. If the players defeat this stage, they win the game.