The Trials Begin
The Three Trials#35 (x1)
1A-B (-)

Setup: Set aside all 3 Guardian enemies, all 3 Key objectives, all 3 Barrow locations, and Hallowed Circle.

At the edge of a cursed forest, the Boar Shaman explains that you must undertake three trials in order to recover the Antlered Crown, or face death. Each trial will test your worthiness. Guardian spirits watch over three sacred swords, protecting them from the undeserving.

When Revealed: The players advance to a stage 2A quest of their choice.

Three ancient barrows mark the locations for the trials, each the resting place of a different guardian spirit. The Boar Clan waits at the forest's edge for any sign of your victory... or your death. Your only option is to press onward, heading towards the site of one of the three trials...