To the West-door
The Mines of Moria Preorder Promotion #1 (x1)
1A-B (5)

It has been years since there was news of Balin's expedition to Moria, but in recent months there have been rumors of growing darkness there. You traveled to the Mines to investigate these tidings. Upon reaching the Doors of Durin, you are surprised to find a foul–smelling pool at its feet, and a fell creature blocking your way.

Setup: Each player adds 1 resource to each of his heroes' resource pools. Add The Watcher to the staging area.

While this stage has at least 5 progress on it, The Watcher is considered to be engaged with each player and attacks each player in turn order during the combat phase. (Deal and resolve a shadow card for each attack.)

Forced: When The Watcher is defeated, flip it over and add Chamber of Mazarbul to the staging area.

This stage cannot be defeated while The Watcher is in play.