Trial Upon the Marches
Doom Mastered
Trial Upon the Marches #216 (x1)


At the end of the round, if one or more encounter cards in the staging have the raid keyword, discard the top X cards from the first player's deck. X is equal to the highest threat among these encounter cards. When an enemy with the raid keyword is engaged with a player at the end of the round, that player must discard the top X cards of his deck. X is equal to the enemy's threat strength. If a player ever has 0 cards left in his deck, he is eliminated from the game.


When a character with the Ransom keyword enters play, the player who controls it may discard a number of resources from the resource pools of heroes they control equal to the Ransom value. If they choose not to satisfy this requirement, then that player card loses the "ally" trait and gains the "enemy" trait, immediately engaging the player who played it. Its threat is equal to its willpower and its engagement cost is 0. If this enemy is defeated, remove all damage from it and return it to the player's control as an ally.


An enemy with Relentless cannot have its attack canceled or be prevented from attacking ny any player card effect. It still can be targeted by other effects that do not specifically prevent attacks.