Wainrider Camp
Challenge of the Wainriders #75 (x1)

1A-B (0)

The Wainriders have challenged you to a chariot race. Win, and you earn your freedom. Lose, and the Wainriders will sell you as prisoners to Mordor.

Setup: Build the circuit (see insert). Place The Wainriders and The Challengers objective cards at this stage. The first player adds Wainrider Champion to the staging area. Each other player adds 1 different location to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck.

Race. This stage gets +4 quest points per player.

Forced: When this stage is defeated, make a racingDefense test. To pass requires 1 STRAIGHT result, plus an additional STRAIGHT result for each stage you have completed this round. If the players pass the test, excess progress is placed on the next stage. If the players fail the test, each player discards 1 random card from his hand.