Welcome to the Jungle
The Mûmakil#26 (x1)
1A-B (12)
Setup: Set each copy of Wild Mûmak and each Capture objective aside, out of play. Each player adds 1 different location to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck.

After seeing his village destroyed by Sauron’s Orcs, Kahliel has decided to travel north with you to Gondor. But it is a long road, and you will need mounts to ride. So your Haradrim allies have led you into the great jungle of Harad in search of the might Mumakil.
Forced: After the active location leaves play as an explored location, shuffle 1 set aside Wild Mûmak into the encounter deck.

The players cannot advance unless the number of Wild Mûmak in play is equal to the number of players.

The jungle is full of danger. The Haradrim warn you to stay alert lest the hunters become the hunted.