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The Dead Marshes

Adventure Pack MEC06 02 November 2011
Card List
Boromir(Hero)1 Dúnedain Watcher(Ally)3 Dúnedain Cache(Attachment)3 Vassal of the Windlord(Ally)3 Song of Mocking(Attachment)3 Elfhelm(Ally)3 We Do Not Sleep(Event)3 Silvan Tracker(Ally)3 Fast Hitch(Attachment)3 Song of Battle(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Gollum(Objective)1 A Wisp of Pale Sheen(Treachery)3 Nightfall(Treachery)3 Through the Mist(Treachery)3 The Lights of the Dead(Treachery)4 Giant Marsh Worm(Enemy)4 Impassable Bog(Location)4 The Heart of the Marshes(Location)4 Fens and Mires(Location)4
Encounter Cards30
Into the Marshes(Quest)1 The Capture(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
The Dead Marshes