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The Drowned Ruins

Adventure Pack MEC51 01 September 2016
Card List
Argalad(Hero)1 Dwarven Sellsword(Ally)3 Dúnedain Remedy(Attachment)3 Marksman of Lórien(Ally)3 Battle-fury(Event)3 Woodland Courier(Ally)3 Hithlain(Attachment)3 Robin Smallburrow(Ally)3 Interrogation(Event)3 Strider(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Shrine to Morgoth(Location)1 Shrine to Morgoth(Location)1 Sea-scorpion(Enemy)3 Cave Eel(Enemy)3 Undersea Grotto(Location)3 Cursed Caverns(Location)3 Watter-logged Halls(Location)2 Dark Abyss(Location)3 Twisting Hollow(Location)3 Sunken Temple(Location)2 Drowned Cave(Location)2 Powerful Undertow(Treachery)3 Into the Abyss(Treachery)3 Tangling and Grasping(Treachery)4 Ancient Depths(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards39
The Grotto(Quest)1 Sahír's Betrayal(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
The Drowned Ruins
Rules Sheet