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The Wizard's Quest

Custom Scenario Kit MEC75 02 August 2018
Card List
Player Cards1
Rhosgobel(Location)1 Rider of Mirkwood(Enemy)1 Nazgûl of Dol Guldur(Enemy)1 Necromancer's Pass(Location)1 Pursued by Shadow(Treachery)0 Bane of Amon Lanc(Enemy)1 Oak-wood Grove(Location)1 Smoking Blood(Treachery)1 Forest Flies(Enemy)1 Twilight Hall(Location)1 Swarming Mosquitoes(Treachery)1 Goblin Sniper(Enemy)1 Pine Slopes(Location)1 Under the Shadow(Treachery)0 Necromancer's Warg(Enemy)1 Dol Guldur Beastmaster(Enemy)1 Watched Path(Location)1 Evil Storm(Treachery)1 Spider of Dol Guldur(Enemy)1 Patch of Midnight(Location)1 Eyes in the Dark(Treachery)1 Eastern Crows(Enemy)1 The Sorcerer's Tower(Location)1 Power Sevenfold(Treachery)1 Hill Troll(Enemy)1 Troll Cave(Location)1 Befouled Equipment(Treachery)1 Hunting Warg(Enemy)1 Hunter's Lookout(Location)1 Restless Hunters(Treachery)1 Dol Guldur Orcs(Enemy)1 The Shadow Road(Location)1 The Necromancer's Reach(Treachery)1 Ravenous Spider(Enemy)1 Forest Gate(Location)1 Nightfall(Treachery)1 Venomous Spider(Enemy)1 Pitch-dark Thicket(Location)1 Fastness of Mirkwood(Treachery)1 Dark Bats(Enemy)1 Forest Stream(Location)1 Treacherous Fog(Treachery)1 Howling Warg(Enemy)1 The Wargs' Glade(Location)1 Weighed Down(Treachery)1
Encounter Cards43
Radagast's Request(Quest)1 Mirkwood Forest(Quest)1 Mirkwood Forest(Quest)1 Mirkwood Forest(Quest)1 The Necromancer's Tower(Quest)1 The Necromancer's Tower(Quest)1 The Necromancer's Tower(Quest)1
Quest Cards7