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Treachery of Rhudaur

Adventure Pack MEC42 24 September 2015
Card List
Erestor(Hero)1 Reinforcements(Event)3 Send for Aid(Player Side Quest)3 Elven Spear(Attachment)3 Horn's Cry(Event)3 Galadhrim Weaver(Ally)3 Silver Harp(Attachment)3 Galdor of the Havens(Ally)3 The Door is Closed!(Event)3 Elf-friend(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Amarthiúl(Objective-Ally)1 The Great Hall(Location)1 Thaurdir(Enemy)1 Wight of Rhudaur(Enemy)2 Traitorous Wight(Enemy)3 Forbidden Descent(Location)2 Eerie Halls(Location)2 Ghostly Ruins(Location)2 Decrepit Remains(Location)2 Centuries of Sorrow(Treachery)2 Curse of the Years(Treachery)3 Dark Covenant(Treachery)3 Haunting Fog(Treachery)3 Quiet the Spirits(Encounter Side Quest)1 Daechanar's Brand(Objective)1 Sift through the Debris(Encounter Side Quest)1 Heirloom of Iârchon(Objective)1 Decipher Ancient Texts(Encounter Side Quest)1 Orders from Angmar(Objective)1
Encounter Cards33
Secrets of Rhudaur(Quest)1 Thaurdir's Pursuit(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
The Treachery of Rhudaur
Rules Sheet