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Official Products

Product Code Type First Released
Core Set MEC01 Core 2011-04-20
The Hunt for Gollum MEC02 Adventure Pack 2011-07-21
Conflict at the Carrock MEC03 Adventure Pack 2011-08-10
A Journey to Rhosgobel MEC04 Adventure Pack 2011-09-11
The Massing at Osgiliath GenCon 2011 MEC15 GenCon Expansion 2011-09-21
The Hills of Emyn Muil MEC05 Adventure Pack 2011-09-30
The Dead Marshes MEC06 Adventure Pack 2011-11-02
Return to Mirkwood MEC07 Adventure Pack 2011-11-23
Khazad-dûm MEC08 Deluxe Expansion 2012-01-06
The Redhorn Gate MEC09 Adventure Pack 2012-03-01
Road to Rivendell MEC10 Adventure Pack 2012-03-21
The Watcher in the Water MEC11 Adventure Pack 2012-04-25
The Long Dark MEC12 Adventure Pack 2012-05-16
Foundations of Stone MEC13 Adventure Pack 2012-06-20
Shadow and Flame MEC14 Adventure Pack 2012-08-08
The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill MEC16 Saga Expansion 2012-08-17
The Battle of Lake-town GenCon 2012 MEC35 GenCon Expansion 2012-10-16
Heirs of Númenor MEC17 Deluxe Expansion 2012-11-26
The Hobbit: On the Doorstep MEC24 Saga Expansion 2013-02-22
The Steward's Fear MEC18 Adventure Pack 2013-05-09
The Drúadan Forest MEC19 Adventure Pack 2013-05-31
Encounter at Amon Dîn MEC20 Adventure Pack 2013-07-05
Passage Through Mirkwood Nightmare Deck MEN01 Nightmare Expansion 2013-08-01
Journey Along the Anduin Nightmare Deck MEN02 Nightmare Expansion 2013-08-01
Escape from Dol Guldur Nightmare Deck MEN03 Nightmare Expansion 2013-08-01
Assault on Osgiliath MEC21 Adventure Pack 2013-08-09
The Black Riders MEC32 Saga Expansion 2013-09-13
The Blood of Gondor MEC22 Adventure Pack 2013-10-17
The Stone of Erech GenCon 2013 MEC33 GenCon Expansion 2013-10-30
The Morgul Vale MEC23 Adventure Pack 2013-11-15
The Hunt for Gollum Nightmare Deck MEN04 Nightmare Expansion 2013-12-30
Conflict at the Carrock Nightmare Deck MEN05 Nightmare Expansion 2013-12-30
A Joureny to Rhosgobel Nightmare Deck MEN06 Nightmare Expansion 2013-12-30
The Voice of Isengard MEC25 Deluxe Expansion 2014-02-21
The Hills of Emyn Muil Nightmare Deck MEN07 Nightmare Expansion 2014-04-16
The Dead Marshes Nightmare Deck MEN08 Nightmare Expansion 2014-04-16
Return to Mirkwood Nightmare Deck MEN09 Nightmare Expansion 2014-04-16
Khazad-dûm Nightmare Decks MEN10 Nightmare Expansion 2014-06-02
The Dunland Trap MEC26 Adventure Pack 2014-06-26
The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill Nightmare Decks MEN17 Nightmare Expansion 2014-07-22
The Three Trials MEC27 Adventure Pack 2014-07-24
Trouble in Tharbad MEC28 Adventure Pack 2014-08-21
The Redhord Gate Nightmare Deck MEN11 Nightmare Expansion 2014-08-27
Road to Rivendell Nightmare Deck MEN12 Nightmare Expansion 2014-08-27
The Watcher in the Water Nightmare Deck MEN13 Nightmare Expansion 2014-08-27
The Long Dark Nightmare Deck MEN14 Nightmare Expansion 2014-09-18
Foundations of Stone Nightmare Deck MEN15 Nightmare Expansion 2014-09-18
Shadow and Flame Nightmare Deck MEN16 Nightmare Expansion 2014-09-18
The Road Darkens MEC34 Saga Expansion 2014-10-03
The Nîn-in-Eilph MEC29 Adventure Pack 2014-10-23
Heirs of Númenor Nightmare Decks MEN21 Nightmare Expansion 2014-10-31
The Old Forest MEC37 GenConSaga Expansion 2014-11-11
Celebrimbor's Secret MEC30 Adventure Pack 2014-11-13
The Hobbit: On The Doorstep Nightmare Decks MEN18 Nightmare Expansion 2014-12-18
The Antlered Crown MEC31 Adventure Pack 2014-12-23
Fog on the Barrow-downs MEC36 FellowshipSaga Deck 2015-01-15
The Steward's Fear Nightmare Deck MEN22 Nightmare Expansion 2015-02-12
The Drúadan Forest Nightmare Deck MEN23 Nightmare Expansion 2015-02-12
Encounter at Amon Dîn Nightmare Deck MEN24 Nightmare Expansion 2015-02-12
Assault on Osgiliath Nightmare Deck MEN25 Nightmare Expansion 2015-03-19
The Blood of Gondor Nightmare Deck MEN26 Nightmare Expansion 2015-03-19
The Morgul Vale Nightmare Product MEN27 Nightmare Expansion 2015-03-19
The Lost Realm MEC38 Deluxe Expansion 2015-04-03
The Black Riders Nightmare Decks MEN19 Nightmare Expansion 2015-04-10
The Treason of Saruman MEC45 Saga Expansion 2015-04-23
The Wastes of Eriador MEC39 Adventure Pack 2015-07-02
The Voice of Isengard Nightmare Decks MEN28 Nightmare Expansion 2015-07-17
Escape from Mount Gram MEC40 Adventure Pack 2015-07-30
The Ruins of Belegost OP014 GenCon Expansion 2015-08-02
Across the Ettenmoors MEC41 Adventure Pack 2015-09-03
Treachery of Rhudaur MEC42 Adventure Pack 2015-09-24
The Dunland Trap Nightmare Deck MEN29 Nightmare Expansion 2015-10-29
The Three Trials Nightmare Deck MEN30 Nightmare Expansion 2015-10-29
Trouble in Tharbad Nightmare Deck MEN31 Nightmare Expansion 2015-10-29
The Battle of Carn Dûm MEC43 Adventure Pack 2015-11-06
Murder at the Prancing Pony OP015 Fellowship Deck 2015-11-14
The Land of Shadow MEC46 Saga Expansion 2015-11-19
The Dread Realm MEC44 Adventure Pack 2015-12-17
The Grey Havens MEC47 Deluxe Expansion 2016-02-01
The Road Darkens Nightmare MEN20 Nightmare Expansion 2016-03-01
The Nîn-in-Eilph Nightmare MEN32 Nightmare Expansion 2016-03-15
Celebrimbor's Secret Nightmare MEN33 Nightmare Expansion 2016-03-15
The Antlered Crown Nightmare MEN34 Nightmare Expansion 2016-03-15
Flight of the Stormcaller MEC48 Adventure Pack 2016-05-01
The Thing in the Depths MEC49 Adventure Pack 2016-06-01
The Lost Realm Nightmare MEN35 Nightmare Expansion 2016-06-02
Temple of the Deceived MEC50 Adventure Pack 2016-06-15
The Treason of Saruman Nightmare MEN36 Nightmare Expansion 2016-07-01
The Flame of the West MEC54 Saga Expansion 2016-08-01
The Wastes of Eriador Nightmare MEN37 Nightmare Expansion 2016-08-15
Escape from Mount Gram Nightmare MEN38 Nightmare Expansion 2016-08-15
Across the Ettenmoors Nightmare MEN39 Nightmare Expansion 2016-08-15
The Drowned Ruins MEC51 Adventure Pack 2016-09-01
A Storm on Cobas Haven MEC52 Adventure Pack 2016-09-15
The City of Corsairs MEC53 Adventure Pack 2016-10-01
The Sands of Harad MEC55 Deluxe Expansion 2016-11-01
The Treachery of Rhudaur Nightmare MEN40 Nightmare Expansion 2017-01-01
The Battle of Carn Dûm Nightmare MEN41 Nightmare Expansion 2017-01-01
The Dread Realm Nightmare MEN42 Nightmare Expansion 2017-01-01
The Mûmakil MEC56 Adventure Pack 2017-02-01
The Siege of Annúminas OP016 Fellowship Deck 2017-03-01
Race Across Harad MEC57 Adventure Pack 2017-03-15
The Land of Shadow Nightmare MEN43 Nightmare Expansion 2017-04-01
Beneath the Sands MEC58 Adventure Pack 2017-05-01
The Grey Havens Nightmare MEN44 Nightmare Expansion 2017-06-01
The Black Serpent MEC59 Adventure Pack 2017-07-01
Flight of the Stormcaller Nightmare MEN45 Nightmare Expansion 2017-09-01
The Thing in the Depths Nightmare MEN46 Nightmare Expansion 2017-09-01
Temple of the Deceived Nightmare MEN47 Nightmare Expansion 2017-09-01
The Mountain of Fire MEC62 Saga Expansion 2017-10-01
The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat MEC60 Adventure Pack 2018-01-01
The Crossings of Poros MEC61 Adventure Pack 2018-02-01
Attack on Dol Guldur OP050 Fellowship Deck 2018-02-15
The Drowned Ruins Nightmare MEN48 Nightmare Expansion 2018-03-03
A Storm on Cobas Haven Nightmare MEN49 Nightmare Expansion 2018-03-03
The City of the Corsairs Nightmare MEN50 Nightmare Expansion 2018-03-03
The Wilds of Rhovanion MEC65 Deluxe Expansion 2018-06-15
The Withered Heath MEC66 Adventure Pack 2018-07-01
The Wizard's Quest MEC75 Custom Scenario Kit 2018-08-02
The Woodland Realm OP077 Custom Scenario Kit 2018-08-24
Two-Player Limited Edition Starter MEC73 Starter 2018-08-28
Roam Across Rhovanion MEC67 Adventure Pack 2018-08-30
The Ghost of Framsburg MEC69 Adventure Pack 2018-12-06
Fire in the Night MEC68 Adventure Pack 2018-12-11
Mount Gundabad MEC70 Adventure Pack 2019-02-01
The Fate of Wilderland MEC71 Adventure Pack 2019-06-06
A Shadow in the East MEC77 Deluxe Expansion 2019-07-01
Wrath and Ruin MEC78 Adventure Pack 2019-11-12
Wrath and Ruin Preorder Promotion MEC78-PRM Preorder Promotion 2019-11-12
Challenge of the Wainriders MEC80 Adventure Pack 2019-12-01
Challenge of the Wainriders Preorder Promotion MEC80-PRM Preorder Promotion 2019-12-01
The City of Ulfast MEC79 Adventure Pack 2020-01-09
The City of Ulfast Preorder Promotion MEC79-PRM Preorder Promotion 2020-01-09
Under the Ash Mountains MEC81 Adventure Pack 2020-06-05
Under the Ash Mountains Preorder Promotion MEC81-PRM Preorder Promotion 2020-06-05
The Mines of Moria UMEC84 Custom Scenario Kit 2020-07-29
The Mines of Moria Preorder Promotion UMEC84-PRM Preorder Promotion 2020-07-29
Escape from Khazad-dûm UMEC85 Custom Scenario Kit 2020-07-29
Escape from Khazad-dûm Preorder Promotion UMEC85-PRM Preorder Promotion 2020-07-29
The Land of Sorrow MEC82 Adventure Pack 2020-08-04
The Land of Sorrow Preorder Promotion MEC82-PRM Preorder Promotion 2020-08-04
The Fortress of Nurn MEC83 Adventure Pack 2020-09-30
The Fortress of Nurn Preorder Promotion MEC83-PRM Preorder Promotion 2020-09-30
The Hunt for the Dreadnaught MEC86 Scenario Pack 2020-12-01

Community Products

Product Code Type First Released
First Age FA01 First Age 2014-06-13
Trial Upon the Marches FA02 First Age 2015-03-20
Among the Outlaws FA03 First Age 2015-10-01
The Betrayal of Mîm FA04 First Age 2016-09-09
The Fall of Nargothrond FA05 First Age 2018-03-30
Children of Eorl ALEP01 A Long extended Party 2021-03-22