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The Grey Havens (x2)
1 (3)
Grey Havens.  
Aflame 5. Burning Piers gets +1 Threat for each damage on it. Forced: When Burning Piers is placed underneath The Havens Burn, deal 3 damage to The Dream-chaser.

Shadow: Add Burning Piers to the staging area.

The Grey Havens (x2)
2 (4)
Grey Havens.   Ship.  
Aflame 5. When Revealed: Either deal 3 damage to Pillaged Ship, or add the topmost enemy in the encounter discard pile to the staging area.

Shadow: If attacking enemy is a Raider, move all resources from defending character to attacking enemy.

Raid on the Grey Havens Nightmare (x2)
2 (6)
Grey Havens.  
Aflame 5. While Burning Tower is in the staging area, damage cannot be healed. Forced: After damage is placed on Burning Tower, choose X characters, where X is the amount of damage on Burning Tower. Deal 1 damage to each chosen character.