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The Grey Havens (x1)
(4) 6 6 2 5
Corsair.   Raider.  
Captain Sahír engages the first player. For each point of damage Captain Sahír would take, discard 1 resource from him and cancel that damage. Forced: After Captain Sahír attacks, place 2 resource tokens on him (4 instead if his attack destroyed a character).

The Withered Heath (x1)
(10) 1 6 1 18
Cannot have attachments or take non-combat damage. Cold-Drake gets +1 Threat and +1 Defense for each Dragon Sign in the victory display. Forced: After Cold-Drake is dealt a shadow card with no shadow effect, the defending character cannot ready until the end of the round.

Roam Across Rhovanion (x1)
(50) 1 6 3 9
Immune to player card effects. Urdug cannot take damage. Forced: After Urdug engages a player, Tiny engages that player.

A Shadow in the East (x1)
(36) 3 6 3 6
Forced: When Easterling Captain enters play, discard cards from the encounter deck until an Easterling treachery is discarded. Attach that treachery to Easterling Captain. Forced: When Easterling Captain would take any amount of damage, discard an Easterling attachment from him. Then, cancel the damage.

A Shadow in the East (x1)
(38) 3 6 2 8
Immune to player card effects. Cannot be optionally engaged. Forced: After Priest of Sauron attacks and destroys an ally, raise each player's threat by 2.

A Shadow in the East (x1)
(44) 3 4 3 8
Immune to player card effects. Forced: After a location is revealed from the encounter deck, The Governor engages the first player and makes an immediate attack.

A Shadow in the East (x1)
(40) 3 5 1 9
Immune to player card effects. Do not discard shadow cards dealt to Black Númenórean if they have a shadow effect. Forward: When Black Númenórean attacks, resolve each of his faceup shadow cards as if they had been dealt this round.

A Shadow in the East (x1)
(50) X 6 4 9
Indestructible. Immune to player card effects. X is 1 more than the number of quest stages in the victory display. Cannot be engaged unless X is equal to 5. Forced: When Thane Ulchor attacks and destroys a character, place 1 damage token on Tribute to Mordor.

Wrath and Ruin (x1)
(50) 1 6 4 9
Immune to player card effects. Cannot leave the staging area. Forced: After the active location is explored, the first player must choose: either discard cards from the top of the encounter deck until a location is discarded and add it to the staging area, or Thane Ulchor attacks you.

The Flame of the West (x1)
(50) X 6 2 8
Undead.   Oathbreaker.  
Immune to player card effects. X is twice the number of players in the game. Forced: When Army of the Dead attacks, you must either attach a set aside Overcome by Fear to your threat dial, or discard an ally you control.

The Flame of the West (x1)
(50) 6 6 6 14
Nazgûl.   Sorcerer.  
Only the engaged player can declare attackers against the Witch-king. Forced: At the beginning of the encounter phase, The Witch-king engages the first player. Then, it makes an immediate attack.

The Battle of Lake-town (x1)
6 (6)
Burn 3. When Revealed: Resolve all burn damage from all locations in play.

The Wizard's Quest (x1)
(50) X 6 3 10
Immune to player card effects. X is 1 more than the stage number of the main quest. Cannot leave the staging area unless the players are at stage 3B.