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The Crossings of Poros (x3/x2)
3 (3)
While Foothills of Mordor is in the staging area, 'when revealed' effects cannot be canceled. Forced: After Foothills of Mordor becomes the active location, raise each player's threat by 2.

The Crossings of Poros (x2/x1)
2 (5)
While any player has threat of 35 or higher, Shadowy Vale gets +3 Threat. Forced: After Shadowy Vale becomes the active location, reveal the top card of the encounter deck.

The Crossings of Poros (x2/x1)

When Revealed: Raise each player's threat by X, where X is the printed quest points of the active location. If there is no active location, Mountains of Shadow gains surge.

Shadow: Attacking enemy gets +1 Attack. If this attack destroys a character, raise your threat by 2.

The Crossings of Poros (x1)

Surge. Each player's threat cannot be reduced. Response: When Find a Way Down is defeated, each player reduces his threat by 3.