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A Shadow in the East (x4/x3)
2 (4)
When Revealed: Each copy of Rolling Plains gets +2 Threat until the end of the phase. Travel: Raise each player's threat by 2.

A Shadow in the East (x2/x1)
3 (3)
While Rocky Outcrop is in the staging area, characters cannot be readied by player card effects. Travel: The first player exhausts a hero he controls.

A Shadow in the East (x2/x1)

Doomed 1. When Revealed: Each exhausted character gets -1 Willpower until the end of the phase.

Shadow: Deal 1 damage to the defending character.

A Shadow in the East (x2)

When Revealed: Each player exhausts a character he controls and deals 1 damage to it.

Shadow: Either exhaust a character you control, or return attacking enemy to the staging area after this attack.

A Shadow in the East (x1)

Each player cannot ready more than 6 characters he controls during the refresh phase. Response: When this stage is defeated, each player may ready a hero he controls.