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The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat (x1)

While a character is attached to an encounter card, it is considered to be a guarded objective with a blank text box. Forced: When a character is attached to an encounter card, discard each token and attachment on that character. Forced: When an objective is free of encounters, it is 'rescued' and that character's owner takes control of it, exhausted.

The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat (x2/x1)
(45) 4 3 2 5
Orc.   Uruk.  
Forced: After Jailer of Cirith Gurat engages you, attach an ally you control to it.

Shadow: If attacking enemy's Threat is greater than defending ally's Willpower, attach defending ally to attacking enemy. Then, cancel this attack.

Fire in the Night (x3)
[0] 2 [27127]

Response: Return a Silvan ally you control to your hand to cancel a shadow effect just triggered during combat.

The Fate of Wilderland (x3/x2)
(25) 2 3 2 5
Orc.   Goblin.  
Forced: After Urdug's Elite engages you, either exhaust a character you control, or place 1 progress on The Goblins' Assault.

Shadow: Exhaust a character you control.

The Fate of Wilderland (x1)
3A-B (-)

When Revealed: Shuffle the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck and discard cards from the top until X enemies are discarded, where X is the number of players in the game. Add those enemies to the staging area.

Forced: At the end of the round, place 1 progress on the Goblins' Assault for each enemy in play. Then, if there is X or more progress on The Goblins' Assault, the players lose the game. X is equal to 8, plus 8 per player.

Wrath and Ruin (x2/x1)

When Revealed: Each player must choose: either return a location you control to the staging area, or discard cards from the top of the encounter deck until an enemy is discarded and put it into play engaged with you.

Shadow: Attacking enemy makes an additional attack against you after this one.

The Road to Isengard Nightmare (x1)

You are playing Nightmare mode. Forced: When Ent of Fangorn leaves play, remove it from the game.

Begin with the standard quest deck and encounter deck for The Road to Isengard scenario. Remove the following cards, in the specified quantities, from the standard encounter deck: 3x Snaga 1x Ring-wall of Isengard 2x Open Pit 1x Machines of Isengard 3x Blast of Sorcery Then, shuffle the encounter cards in this Nightmare Deck into the remainder of the standard The Road to Isengard encounter deck. Finally, flip this setup card over and place it next to the quest deck. Its effect remains active throughout the game, which is now ready to begin.

The Uruk-hai Nightmare (x1)
(24) 4 5 2 4
Orc.   Uruk-hai.  
Toughness 1. Archery 2. Forced: After Mauhúr attacks, increase the pursuit value by 1.

The Uruk-hai Nightmare (x1)
(32) 3 4 2 5
Orc.   Uruk-hai.  
Toughness 2. While Lugdush is engaged with a player, each other enemy cannot take damage.

Shadow: If attacking enemy is unique, it cannot take damage until the end of the round.

The Road to Isengard Nightmare (x3)
3 (3)
While Fortress of Isengard is in the staging area, each Orc enemy gets +1 Threat, +1 Attack and +1 Defense. Wizardry: Return the topmost enemy in the encounter discard pile to the staging area.

Helm's Deep Nightmare (x2)
2 (2)
Helm's Deep.  
Immune to player card effects. The players cannot travel here unless they are at stage 4B. While Glittering Caves is the active location, it gains: "Skip the combat phase. Forced: At the end of the round, add Glittering Caves to the victory display and raise each player's threat by 2."

Shelob's Lair Nightmare (x3)
(30) 3 5 3 5
Orc.   Uruk.  
Forced: After Under-gate Sentry attacks and destroys a character you control, discard a random card from your hand.

Shadow: Either discard a random card from your hand, or exhaust a character you control.

Flight of the Stormcaller Nightmare (x2)
(28) 0 3 3 4
While Raider of the Storm is engaged with you, each Ship enemy engaged with you gets +1 Threat, +1 Attack, +1 Defense, and contributes its Threat to the total Threat in the staging area.

Temple of the Deceived Nightmare (x2)

When Revealed: Until the end of the round, each Undead enemy gets +X Attack and +X Defense. X is the number of locations to the left of the active location (in its row). If X is 0 or 1, Call of the Curse gains surge.

Shadow: Resolve the 'when revealed' effect of Call of the Curse.

The Drowned Ruins Nightmare (x4)
(26) 2 3 2 3
When Revealed: If the active location is Underwater, return each other Submerged Dead in the encounter discard pule to the staging area.

Shadow: If the active location is Underwater, put Submerged Dead into play in the staging area.

A Storm on Cobas Haven Nightmare (x2)

When Revealed: Attach to a Ship objective. (Counts as a Condition attachment with the text: "During saling tests, for each Wheel symbol found, cancel it unless you deal 1 damage to the attached objective. Action: Exhaust 3 character you control to discard Broken Rudder.") *Forced: After this Sailing test ends, attach Broken Rudder to a Ship objective committed to that test.

The City of Corsairs Nightmare (x2)

When Revealed: Discard cards from the top of the encounter deck until a Raider enemy is discarded. Add that enemy to the staging area and place 3 resources on it.

Shadow: If attacking enemy is a Raider, after this attack ends, add 1 resource to attacking enemy for each damage dealt by this attack.