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Éomund Man

√Čomund was the Lord of Aldburg and a Marshal of the Mark.


√Čomund was a descendant of Eofor, and dwelt in Aldburg. He married Th√©odwyn, the sister of the later King Th√©oden. Their children were √Čomer and √Čowyn, who were each to play a great part in the War of the Ring.

A man from Eastfold, he was a dedicated marshal in charge of the east marches, mainly defending the regin against Orcish raids.

√Čomund himself was slain in battle with Orcs in the Emyn Muil in T.A. 3002. Th√©odwyn grew ill and died shortly after, and their children were raised by Th√©oden.

Illus. Katherine Dinger

Titles, Aliases, and Descriptions

First Marshal of the Riddermark Lord of Aldburg


Théodwyn (Wife) Éomer (Son) Éowyn (Daughter) Théoden (Brother-in-Law) Théodred (Nephew)


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