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Théodwyn Man

Th√©odwyn (T.A. 2963-3002) was the mother of √Čomer and √Čowyn.


Th√©odwyn was a noble woman of Rohan, the sister of Th√©oden, and the daughter of Thengel and Morwen Steelsheen. She was married to √Čomund of Eastfold in T.A. 2989. Her son √Čomer was born in 2991, and her daughter √Čowyn in 2995.

√Čomund was slain in 3002. Not long after that Th√©odwyn died of illness. Th√©oden raised her two children after her death.


Théodwyn is Old English for 'joy of the people'.

Illus. Mila Pesic


Thengel (Father) Théoden (Husband) Théodred (Son)