Brok Ironfist
Core Set #19 (x1)
[6] 2 2 1 4

Response:After a Dwarf hero you control leaves play, put Brok Ironfist into play from your hand.

...there is no knowing what a Dwarf will not dare and do for revenge and the recovery of his own.
–The Hobbit

Illus. Even Mehl Amundsen
Leaves Play Messenger of the King
Vilya Champions

If you trigger the Response, you do not need to pay any resources when putting Brok into play from your hand, in fact you don't even need a Leadership Hero to use this Response. This Response is not triggered by a hero being taken prisoner. This is a bit unusual for an Ally in that the Response is triggered when the card is not yet in play.

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Brok Ironfist