Core Set #8 (x1)
(7) 1 1 2 3
Gondor.   Noble.  

Response: Exhaust Eleanor to cancel the "when revealed" effects of a treachery card just revealed by the encounter deck. Then, discard that card, and replace it with the next card from the encounter deck.

"Gondor wanes, you say. But Gondor stands, and even the end of its strength is very strong."
–Boromir, The Fellowship of the Ring

Illus. Magali Villeneuve Errata
Community Alternate Art
Encounter Control

Eleanor's Response can be used during initial game Setup if necessary, but remember that When Revealed effects don't occur unless the setup text specifically says to "reveal" cards (official FAQ v1.1).

Eleanor's ability can't cancel other keywords, just When Revealed. Any When Revealed effects and keywords on the replacement card are still resolved because it is considered "Revealed" (errata, FAQ 1.2).