Nearing the Gate
The Rear Guard
Escape from Khazad-dûm #9 (x1)

3A-B (20)

Your spirits rise as you are drawing near to the East Gate of Moria. But then a huge, dark shape rises in front of you and bursts into flames: a Balrog! Durin's Bane blocks your escape.

When Revealed: Add the set-aside Durin's Bane to the staging area. It cannot take damage this round. If there is more than 1 player, it makes an immediate attack against the first player.

Each player's threat cannot be reduced by player card effects.

Durin's Bane is considered to be engaged with each player and attacks each player in turn order during the combat phase. (Deal and resolve a shadow card for each attack.)

If the players defeat this stage, they win the game.