Out of the Depths
Escape from Khazad-dûm #1 (x1)

1A-B (10)

You entered Moria with the hope of finding Mithril, but you have become lost underground instead. Below the ancient mansions of the Dwarves, untold dangers lurk in the darkness.

Setup: Add Dark Pit to the staging area. The opposing team searches the encounter deck for one different 0-cost enemy or location per player and adds them to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck.

Surrounded by utter black and running low on supplies, you must find your way out of Khazad–d–m before it's too late.

Forced: When Dark Pit is explored, flip it over and set Durin's Bane aside, out of play. Each player searches the top 5 cards of his deck for a card, adds it to his hand, and shuffles his deck.

This stage cannot be defeated while Dark Pit is in play.