The Betrayal
The Morgul Vale #145 (x1)

2A-B (-)

When Revealed: Add Lord Alcaron to the staging area.

You've defeated Murzag and his kin. There is no time for rest as you follow Faramir depper into the vale. Soon you find the traitor Alcaron blocking the road, a grimace of anger on his formerly handsome face. "By the the thousand thorn–drakes of Morgai, you do temp my patience!" he sneers.

Lord Alcaron cannot leave play unless destroyed. If Lord Alcaron is defeated, advance to the next stage.

Alcaron utters an ancient word, and a ghastly shriek rises from Minas Morgul. Something cold and terrible has awoken. Something that is aware of your presence. A short distance ahread, the Uruk carrying Faramir pauses, intimidated by the carrion cry from the city. There may still be time. But first you must deal with the traitor...