The Crossroads Fort
The Black Serpent #106 (x1)

1A-B (6)

The Black Serpent's caravan has taken shelter in a dilapidated desert fortress on their way to Mordor. Their wagons are loaded with tribute for the Dark Lord. Your plan is to seize the wagons and use the caravan to infiltrate Cirith Gurat.

Setup: Set each Harad objective aside, out of play. Add The Black Serpent to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck. The first player randomly selects 1 set aside Harad objective, reveals it, and adds it to the staging area.

In order for your plan to work, you must capture several important tokens from the Serpent's Camp.

If a Harad objective is not attached, the first player claims it and attaches it to a hero he controls.

This stage cannot be defeated unless each Harad objective in play is attached to a hero.