The Grand Design
The Steward's Fear #12 (x1)

2A-B (-)

You have uncovered crucial information about the dissident plot, and even gleaned hints of teh conspirator's secretive leader. Clues have led you to a cavern deep in the heart of Mount Mindolluin. As you descend into the ancient rock, you begin to suspect the clues that led you here may have been misleading... that you may have been lured away from the city streets for a purpose.

When Revealed: Reveal the set aside Plot card and add it to the staging area.

When Revealed: Make Roots of Mindolluin the active location, returning any other active location to the staging area.

Forced: After the active location leaves play as an explored location place 1 resource token on this quest.

If there are 4 or more resource tokens on The Grand Design, advance to the next stage.