The Old Forest Scenario Rules
The Old Forest #0 (x1)


New Staging Rules

When playing The Old Forest, players reveal encounter cards individually in player order during the Staging step of the Quest phase. If an encounter card has and effect that uses the word 'you' then the encounter card is referring to the player who revealed the card. If the revealed card has the Surge keyword, the player who revealed it reveals an additional card card. Encounter cards with the Doomed X. keyword still affect each player.

Peril Keyword

When a player reveals an encounter card with the Peril keyword, he must resolve the staging of that card on his own without conferring with the other players. The other players cannot take any actions or trigger any responses during the resolution of that card's staging.

Stage 2 Quest Cards

When Stage 2B instructs the players to advance to a different random stage 2A, the first player shuffles each stage 2 (except for the one currently in play) together and chooses one of them at random. Then, he replaced the current stage 2 with the chosen one. The previous stage 2 is placed back in the quest deck with the other unused stage 2 cards. Discard any progress or attachments that were on the previous stage 2.

Immune to Player Card Effects

Cards with the text 'Immune to player card effects' ignore the effects of all player cards. Additionally, cards that are immune to player card effects cannot be chosen as targets of player card effects.


An enemy with the indestructible keyword cannot be destroyed by damage, even when it has damage on it equal to its hit points.