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A Shadow in the East

Deluxe Expansion MEC77 01 July 2019
Card List
The One Ring(Attachment)1 Frodo Baggins(Hero)1 Merry(Ally)3 Pippin(Ally)3 Faramir(Ally)3 Derufin(Ally)3 The Gathering Storm(Event)3 Put Off Pursuit(Attachment)3 The Master Ring(Event)3 The Ruling Ring(Event)3 The Ring of Power(Event)3 Sm茅agol(Hero)1 Fellowship(Contract)1
Player Cards31
Easterling Pursuit(Objective)1 Easterling Outrider(Enemy)3 River Running(Location)2 Exposed Riverbank(Location)2 Enemies Close Behind(Treachery)2 Easterling Captain(Enemy)1 Rider of Rh没n(Enemy)2 Easterling Horse(Treachery)3 Easterling Raider(Enemy)3 Warrior of Rh没n(Enemy)3 Sword of Rh没n(Treachery)2 Recurve Bow(Treachery)2 Warriors of the East(Encounter Side Quest)1 Rolling Plains(Location)4 Rocky Outcrop(Location)2 Weary Lands(Treachery)2 Painful Fatigue(Treachery)2 An Arduous Journey(Encounter Side Quest)1 Priest of Sauron(Enemy)1 The Governor(Enemy)1 Black N煤men贸rean(Enemy)1 Bribes(Objective)1 Submit or Die(Objective)1 Sauron Worship(Objective)1 Evidence of the Cult(Objective)3 Hillside Manor(Location)3 Disappearances(Treachery)2 Secret Cultist(Treachery)2 Messenger from Mordor(Enemy)3 Servant of Sauron(Enemy)2 Overwhelmed(Treachery)2 Shadow of Fear(Encounter Side Quest)1 Rh没n Backstabber(Enemy)2 Treacherous Easterling(Enemy)2 City Forum(Location)2 Seedy Tavern(Location)2 Darkness in the East(Treachery)2 Side Street(Location)2 Catacombs(Location)2 Under Guard(Treachery)3 Unwelcome Travelers(Encounter Side Quest)1 Tribute to Mordor(Encounter Side Quest)1 Thane Ulchor(Enemy)1 Temple of Sauron(Location)2 Hall of Horrors(Location)3 Place of Evil(Treachery)3 Ulchor's Guard(Enemy)4 Ulchor's Rage(Treachery)3 Fanaticism(Treachery)2 Twisted Tunnel(Location)2 Narrow Opening(Location)2 Crumbling Passage(Location)2 Fearful Shadows(Treachery)2 Lost in the Dark(Encounter Side Quest)1 Kham没l the Easterling(Enemy)1 The Tower of Barad-d没r(Location)1 Under the Watchful Eye(Objective)1 The Armies of Mordor(Objective)1 Covered in Darkness(Objective)1 Stinker(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards115
Chased by Easterlings(Quest)1 The Crossing of Araw(Quest)1 A City in Turmoil(Quest)1 The Shadow of Mordor(Quest)1 Leader of the Cult(Quest)1 The Forgotten Temple(Quest)1 The Legacy of Mordor(Quest)1 Memory of the Dark Years(Quest)1 Shrine to Sauron(Quest)1 The Lord of Middle-earth(Quest)1
Quest Cards10
The River Running Danger in Dorwinion The Temple of Doom
Rules Sheet