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Across the Ettenmoors

Adventure Pack MEC41 03 September 2015
Card List
Dori(Hero)1 Ranger Provisions(Attachment)3 DĂșnedain Message(Event)3 Longbeard Sentry(Ally)3 Delay the Enemy(Player Side Quest)3 Steed of Imladris(Attachment)3 Fair and Perilous(Event)3 Wellinghall Preserver(Ally)3 None Return(Event)3 Hope Rekindled(Event)3
Player Cards28
AmarthiĂșl(Objective-Ally)1 Secluded Cave(Objective-Location)1 The Hoarwell(Objective-Location)1 Abandoned Camp(Objective-Location)1 Patch of Woods(Objective-Location)1 Savage Trollspawn(Enemy)4 Coldfell Giant(Enemy)2 Cruel Mountain-troll(Enemy)2 Ruthless Hill-troll(Enemy)2 Goblin Pursuer(Enemy)2 Troll-fells(Location)2 Barren Moorland(Location)2 Arador's Bane(Treachery)2 No Rest(Treachery)3 Lie Low(Encounter Side Quest)1 Forage for Food(Encounter Side Quest)1 Scavenge for Supplies(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards29
Into the Ettenmoors(Quest)1 A Miserable Journey(Quest)1 Journey's End(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
Across the Ettenmoors
Rules Sheet