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Among the Outlaws

First Age FA03 01 October 2015
Card List
Bór the Faithful(Hero)1 Brethil Hound(Ally)3 Algund(Ally)3 Fostered Son(Ally)3 Elder of the Realm(Ally)3 Wolf-man(Ally)3 Neithan(Attachment)3 Forge of Belegost(Attachment)3 Angrist(Attachment)3 Song of Parting(Event)3 None Shall Break(Event)3 Craft In Wood and Field(Attachment)1 Hardship of the Wild(Attachment)4
Player Cards36
Fellowship with the Outlaws(Objective)1 Forweg(Enemy)1 Forweg(Objective-Ally)1 Androg(Enemy)1 Androg(Objective-Ally)1 Larnach's Daughter(Objective)1 Teiglin Hunter(Enemy)4 Hound of the Woodmen(Enemy)3 Homestead Defender(Enemy)4 Desperate Outlaw(Enemy)3 Cruel Robber(Enemy)4 Driven Outcast(Enemy)4 Forest Clearing(Location)2 Scattered Homestead(Location)2 Tilled Field(Location)2 Hedge and Stockade(Location)2 Woods of Teiglin(Location)2 Dogs and Fences(Treachery)3 Horn-calls(Treachery)2 No Law But Their Needs(Treachery)2 Wolf-men of the Winter(Treachery)2 Banded Attack(Treachery)2 Blood Upon the Grass(Treachery)3 Cull the Weak(Objective)2 Punish the Trespassers(Objective)1 Raid the Homestead(Objective)2 Turn a Blind Eye(Objective)2 Cruel of Heart(Treachery)1 Bitterness of Exile(Treachery)1
Encounter Cards61
Among the Outlaws(Scenario)1 An Evil and Dangerous Way(Quest)1 To Govern the Fellowship(Quest)1 Among the Outlaws(Campaign)1
Quest Cards4
Among the Outlaws