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Angmar Awakened Hero Expansion

Hero Expansion MEC107 17 June 2022
Card List
Amarthiúl(Hero)1 Halbarad(Hero)1 Aragorn(Hero)1 Dori(Hero)1 Arwen Undómiel(Hero)1 Merry(Hero)1 Erestor(Hero)1 Rossiel(Hero)1 Éothain(Ally)3 Guardian of Arnor(Ally)3 Ingold(Ally)3 Veteran of Osgiliath(Ally)3 Weather Hills Watchman(Ally)3 Heir of Valandil(Attachment)3 Ranger Provisions(Attachment)3 Sword of Númenor(Attachment)3 Descendants of Kings(Event)3 Doom Hangs Still(Event)3 Dúnedain Message(Event)3 Rallying Cry(Event)3 Ranger Summons(Event)3 Ranger of the North(Ally)3 Reinforcements(Event)3 Send for Aid(Player Side Quest)3 Beechbone(Ally)3 Derndingle Warrior(Ally)3 Dúnedain Hunter(Ally)3 Fornost Bowman(Ally)3 Honour Guard(Ally)3 Longbeard Sentry(Ally)3 Elven Spear(Attachment)3 Raven-winged Helm(Attachment)3 Secret Vigil(Attachment)3 Boomed and Trumpeted(Event)3 Hold Your Ground!(Event)3 Horn's Cry(Event)3 Hour of Wrath(Event)3 Tireless Hunters(Event)3 Delay the Enemy(Player Side Quest)3 Curious Brandybuck(Ally)3 Elven Jeweler(Ally)3 Galadhrim Weaver(Ally)3 Lindir(Ally)3 Warden of Annúminas(Ally)3 Hobbit Pony(Attachment)3 Silver Harp(Attachment)3 Star Brooch(Attachment)3 Steed of Imladris(Attachment)3 Elven-light(Event)3 Fair and Perilous(Event)3 Lords of the Eldar(Event)3 Tale of Tinúviel(Event)3 Double Back(Player Side Quest)3 East Road Ranger(Ally)3 Galadhrim Healer(Ally)3 Galdor of the Havens(Ally)3 Sarn Ford Sentry(Ally)3 Wellinghall Preserver(Ally)3 Athelas(Attachment)3 The Long Defeat(Attachment)3 Weather-stained Cloak(Attachment)3 Distant Stars(Event)3 Expert Trackers(Event)3 Leave No Trace(Event)3 None Return(Event)3 Quick Ears(Event)3 The Door is Closed!(Event)3 Scout Ahead(Player Side Quest)3 Ranger of Cardolan(Ally)3 Elf-friend(Attachment)3 Favor of the Valar(Attachment)3 Sword-thain(Attachment)3 Hope Rekindled(Event)3 Keen as Lances(Event)3 Gather Information(Player Side Quest)3
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