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Assault on Osgiliath

Adventure Pack MEC21 09 August 2013
Card List
Faramir(Hero)1 Sword of Morthond(Attachment)3 Men of the West(Event)3 Knight of Minas Tirith(Ally)3 Gondorian Fire(Attachment)3 Pelargir Shipwright(Ally)3 Map of Earnil(Attachment)3 Ranger Bow(Attachment)3 Forest Patrol(Event)3 Palantir(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Uruk Lieutenant(Enemy)2 Uruk Soldier(Enemy)4 Southron Phalanx(Enemy)3 Southron Commander(Enemy)2 West Gate(Location)1 The King's Library(Location)1 Ancient Harbor(Location)1 The Old Bridge(Location)1 West Quarter(Location)2 East Quarter(Location)2 Ruined Square(Location)3 Ruined Tower(Location)3 Pinned Down(Treachery)2 Street Fighting(Treachery)2 Counter-attack(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards31
Retake the City(Quest)1
Quest Cards1
Assault on Osgiliath
Rules Sheet