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Beneath the Sands

Adventure Pack MEC58 01 May 2017
Card List
Hirgon(Hero)1 Haradrim Spear(Attachment)3 Hunting Party(Event)3 The Red Arrow(Attachment)3 Keep Watch(Player Side Quest)3 Rider of Rohan(Ally)3 Fireside Song(Attachment)3 DĂșnedain Lookout(Ally)3 Doughty Ranger(Attachment)3 The Free Peoples(Event)3
Player Cards28
Brood Mother(Enemy)1 Hive Guardian(Enemy)3 Spider Broodling(Enemy)5 Spider Burrow(Location)2 Pitch Black Tunnel(Location)2 Nest of Vermin(Location)2 Cobwebbed Cavern(Location)3 Blocked Passage(Location)3 Forced Off Track(Treachery)3 Grabbed by Spiders(Treachery)3 Lost Underground(Encounter Side Quest)1 Off Track(Objective)1
Encounter Cards29
Searching the Caves(Quest)1 Getting Closer(Quest)1 The Spiders' Hive(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
Beneath the Sands
Rules Sheet