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Blood in the Isen

A Long-extended Party ALEP07 09 September 2022
Card List
Gilraen(Hero)1 Aragorn(Hero)1 A Fair Exchange(Event)3 Elessar(Attachment)3 The Renewer(Attachment)3 Elendilmir(Attachment)3 Estel(Attachment)3 Chieftain of the North(Attachment)3 Grey Companion(Ally)3 Andúril(Attachment)3
Player Cards26
Ealdwulf(Enemy)1 Narrow Crossing(Objective)1 Hasty Pursuit(Objective)1 Grimrede(Enemy)1 West Bank(Location)1 Rohan Renegade(Enemy)3 Dunland Axe-hand(Enemy)3 Fleet-footed Dunlending(Enemy)4 Spurned Hillman(Enemy)3 Contested Battleground(Location)2 Defensive Outcrop(Location)3 North-South Road(Location)3 Coordinated Assault(Treachery)3 Heavy Losses(Treachery)3 Open Rebellion(Treachery)2 Chaos and Confusion(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards35
Crossing the Fords(Quest)1 The Battle is Joined(Quest)1 The Flight of Ealdwulf(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
Blood in the Isen
Rules Sheet