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Children of Eorl

A Long-extended Party ALEP01 22 March 2021
Card List
Ingold(Hero)1 Celador(Hero)1 Thengel(Hero)1 Herubrand(Hero)1 Deeping Bowman(Ally)3 Open the Gates(Event)3 Wealth of Adventure(Event)3 Feast of Plenty(Event)3 Deeping Defender(Ally)3 Morwen Steelsheen(Ally)3 It Should Be Spared(Event)3 Spring the Trap(Event)3 Squire of the Mark(Ally)3 Rammas Lookout(Ally)3 Théodwyn(Ally)3 Light-footed Steed(Attachment)3 Rammas Sentry(Ally)3 Live Bait(Event)3 Worthy of Remembrance(Event)3 Need Brooks No Delay(Event)3 The Last Alliance(Contract)1
Player Cards53
Wild Country(Location)2 Endless Grasslands(Location)2 Windworn Villages(Location)2 Humpbacked Downs(Location)2 Ride Through the Night(Treachery)2 The Green Sea(Encounter Side Quest)1 Cold from the Mountains(Treachery)2 Exhausting Winds(Treachery)2 Tired and Hungry(Treachery)2 Exposed to the Elements(Encounter Side Quest)1 Old Farmhouse(Location)3 Abandoned Mill(Location)2 Dunland Chieftain(Enemy)1 Wild Ravager(Enemy)3 Dunlending Berserker(Enemy)3 Hillman Scout(Enemy)2 Surprise Attack(Treachery)2 A History of Strife(Encounter Side Quest)1 Recreant Rider(Enemy)3 Deadly Defector(Enemy)3 Orc Battalion(Enemy)1 Servant of the Eye(Enemy)3 Black Land Scouts(Enemy)2 Orcish Horse-butcher(Enemy)2 Crimson Banner(Treachery)2 White Mountain Reinforcements(Encounter Side Quest)1 Brigand Ringleader(Enemy)1 Plundered Goods(Objective)1 Pillaging Swordsman(Enemy)3 Grasping Slaver(Enemy)3 Vengeful Bowman(Enemy)2 Sneaky Thief(Enemy)3 Erelas Gates(Location)2 Crossroads(Location)3 Erelas Stables(Location)2 Chaos in the Hills(Treachery)2 Looted Weapons(Treachery)2 Stockpile Barricade(Encounter Side Quest)1 Erelas Beacon(Objective)1 Host of Rohan(Objective-Ally)1 Enraged Dunlending(Enemy)4 Bald Hill(Location)4 Wooden Barricade(Location)2 Rocky Slope(Location)2 Surrounding Grassland(Location)3 Narrow Stair(Location)2 From All Sides(Treachery)3 Another Wave(Treachery)2 Assault Upon Erelas(Treachery)2 Reclaim the Beacon(Encounter Side Quest)1 Defend the Beacon(Encounter Side Quest)1 Stolen Steeds(Objective)1 Flinthoof(Objective)1 Brightmane(Objective)1 Felaróf(Objective)1 Thruk(Enemy)1 Saddle-slasher(Enemy)2 Rein-ripper(Enemy)2 Bridle-biter(Enemy)3 Pommel-pouncer(Enemy)2 Spoiled Pasture(Location)2 Horse Thieves' Hovel(Location)1 Horse Lord's Lodge(Location)1 Thirst for Horse Blood(Treachery)2 Overburdened(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards127
Drive them Away(Quest)1 Ambush!(Quest)1 Battle for the Hill(Quest)1 Hold the Hilltop(Quest)1 The Last Push(Quest)1 Thieves and Coursers(Quest)1 The King’s Stallion(Quest)1 The Sweeping Tide(Quest)1
Quest Cards8
Ambush at Erelas The Battle for the Beacon The Horse Lord's Ire
Rules Sheet